"Starsailor" poster - design: Towers photo: Nurit Wilde

"Starsailor" poster - design: Towers photo: Nurit Wilde

Starsailor - The Tim Buckley Story - Crowdfunding Campaign Launched - We need YOUR help!

We're very pleased to announce we're working on a new documentary about the life & music of singer/songwriter/genius, Tim Buckley. 

The film is currently in production, and we've just launched a crowdfunding campaign via Pledge Music here: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/tim-buckley-starsailor

Please help support the film if you can, follow us on facebook, twitter, and/or instagram for further news and updates, and please help spread the word and share with anyone who might be interested.


Television Blues 011 -   Andrew Weatherall

Please check out the latest Television Blues, an interview with the esteemed DJ, Producer, singer, songwriter and raconteur, Mr. Andrew Weatherall.



A Short (Unfinished) Film About Suicide

After we finished "Love Story" We did some filming with Suicide in 2007 with a view to making a Suicide documentary -Sadly it never happened.

Here's a brief section from the footage we filmed, featuring Alan Vega, Martin Rev, Chris Stein, Kris Needs, Howard Thompson and Mick Jones.  


"If I blink right now I'm telling a lie.     If I blink right now, I'm telling the truth." - Arthur Lee.

Opening section from Love Story documentary, featuring Arthur Lee, John Densmore, Robert Rozelle, Johnny Echols, Bryan Maclean, Michael Stuart-Ware, Alban Snoopy Pfisterer, John Head, David Angel, Bruce Botnick, Jac Holzman, Bobby Gillespie, Mani, and Ken Livingstone.